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INDA Changes Format for Filtration

Responding to the strong growth and a established cycle in the filtration industry, INDA has announced plans for the largest-ever Filtration International Conference & Exposition on February 25-27, 2020 at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL.

“We are expanding our vision for the future of our important Filtration Expo by providing industry participants from around the world with great new potential to exhibit, learn and meet with others in the industry at a global event in North America,” says INDA President Dave Rousse.

To further energize the powerful event, INDA has changed the timing of the conference and exhibition to be held every 18 months for greater appeal to the global market and complement the timing of the major European filtration event. This means that after Filtration 2018 in Philadelphia in early October, there will be not be another North American filtration expo until early 2020. 

The event will also be held exclusively at the Navy Pier in Chicago rather than rotating locations.

Filtration Expo will expand its focus beyond nonwovens and fully embrace the broad cross section of engineered media, filtration and separation technologies, filter making equipment and other equipment related to the manufacture, testing and monitoring of filters and their environment. 

“We believe these changes will position this event as a “must-attend” for the global filtration industry companies needing a focal point in North America,” Rousse says. “While filtration is a part of many industry shows, there is no other show in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to filtration. Filtration Expo will appeal across a broader spectrum of the filtration market, going beyond nonwoven media.”


More than 1400 attendees and 140-plus exhibitors attended Filtration 2017 and INDA is expecting another strong turnout across all industry segments for Filtration 2018, Oct. 2-4, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. Online registration is now :

Both the 2018 and the 2020 Filtration Expo’s will provide valuable conference and educational program content and create a vibrant forum for exhibitors to highlight innovative products and services serving all filtration sectors and to create business connections on the exposition floor. The one-and-a-half day acclaimed Nonwoven Filter Media Training Course prior to the exposition will be offered at the 2018 Filtration Expo.

“This change in cycle timing and event scope will support the establishment of a more practical rhythm for the two major events supporting this important industry on each continent,” said Rousse. “We will now be in sync with the European event, not overlapping, with plenty of time between for exhibitors to display at both and for attendees to revisit meeting needs.”


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