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Hazen Paper’s Basketball Hall of Fame Yearbook delivers holographic excitement front and back


Holyoke, MA-based Hazen Paper Company collaborated with the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA, to bring holographic excitement to the enshrinement yearbook and event tickets for the sixth year in a row.

The 2018 yearbook (at left) also provided custom-holographic enhancement to back-cover advertiser Mohegan Sun. President John Hazen says, “Each year, we strive to outdo our own prior performance when the Hall of Fame asks us to work with them again. This year, Mohegan Sun also gave us an opportunity to bring their excellent visual to life, transforming it through the power of holography.”
Holography creates the illusion of motion and dimension on a two-dimensional surface by reflecting and refracting light. The front of the 2018 commemorative yearbook cover spotlighted elements of the Basketball Hall of Fame’s multi-million-dollar renovation, showcasing an image of the interior with dominant logo banner, juxtaposed against a brilliant illumination of the iconic dome. Flashes of light emanating from the dome drew attention to the portraits of this year’s honorees bordering the front cover. A suite of complementary tickets reprised the cover images, color-coded by event (see below).
Hazen’s holographic lab created free-form custom holography for the Mohegan Sun ad on the back cover, applying striking pillar effects to “turn on” the lights and décor and illuminating dramatic time-lapse light trails with painterly strokes. The signature buildings of Mohegan Sun reflect sparkling fireworks to stimulate anticipation and promote the excitement of the resort.
The limited-edition yearbooks and tickets were all individually numbered for security and authenticity, printed by an HP Indigo press on Holojet, a Hazen Envirofoil product engineered specifically for digital printing. Envirofoil delivers outstanding visual effects, reliable performance, and significant environmental benefits. Manufactured with renewable energy, it uses less than 1% of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate, reuses the plastic, and is recyclable as paper. Available in a range of holographic patterns and metallic colors, it can be fully customized, making it an ideal choice for brand communications, as well as collectible posters, tickets and magazines, such as the Basketball Hall of Fame yearbook and the NFL Super Bowl program.
Founded in 1925, Hazen Paper is an innovative paper converter specializing in holographic origination, film coating, foil and paper lamination, metallizing, gravure printing, specialty coating and rotary embossing. A family-run company, Hazen is committed to sustainability, producing specialty materials for worldwide use in retail display and POP, luxury, entertainment and media packaging, bookbinding, scratch-off lottery and other security-related tickets, tags and cards, and fine art applications. Hazen supplies converted paper and paperboards that are FSC, SFI and PEFC certified.
Since 2006, Hazen has produced holographic design, large-format origination and production utilizing a number of leading-edge technologies including Hazen-Lens in a dedicated holographic design studio. It is the most vertically integrated producer of holographic paper and film in the Americas. Operating three major manufacturing plants in Holyoke, MA, that run around the clock and an apprenticeship program for entry-level manufacturing workers, Hazen has been hiring steadily since 2006.

More info: or 413-538-8204.

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