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Rusty Carter Scholarship for CFCC, 2018

We are proud to support hard-working students as they pursue higher education to create better opportunities for themselves, their families, and our community.  See how your donation makes a difference.

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Erick is a professional firefighter in Jacksonville, NC. But he wasn’t always a first responder. Growing up in Illinois, Erick started in retail right out of high school because he couldn’t afford college tuition. He worked hard and started a family, but he did not have the job he really wanted.

Erick’s dad and uncle were firefighters in Chicago and he grew up in the firehouse and riding on the fire engine. When his stepdaughter expressed a desire to pursue educational opportunities in North Carolina, Erick and his family moved to Jacksonville and he immediately joined a volunteer fire squad. He then was able to get a job with the Jacksonville Fire Department, and immersed himself in his new career.

To move up the ranks in most modern fire departments, a firefighter needs more than the hands on training typically associated with the position. They need college courses tailored to management, public relations, and doing much of the administrative work of today’s fire departments. This includes duties like building inspections, understanding alarm and sprinkler systems, and personnel management.

The Firefighter Training program at Cape Fear Community College offers comprehensive training for candidates looking to move up through the ranks. The education is critical to many career firefighters. But many, like Erick, need some help to make attending these classes possible.

This year, Erick is a proud recipient of the Rusty Carter Scholarship at CFCC. The award helps him afford the classes and buy the books and materials he needs to complete his degree.

Whether fighting fires hands on or focusing on more of the administrative work of a fire department, Erick’s training is growing comprehensively. And thanks in part to the generosity of Atlantic Packaging employee donations, he has been able to pursue a career that helps keep the community safe.

*In the comments section of the form, add “Atlantic Packaging Scholarship”

Or checks can be made payable to CFCC with“Atlantic Packaging Scholarship” in the memo line & sent to Mitzi Rodgers by December 14th.

Thank you for your contribution and your investment in students who seek to make a difference.

*In the comments section of the form, add “Atlantic Packaging Scholarship”

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