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Web handling and why everyone needs it

By Dr. David R. Roisum 
“Web Handling” has become a household name in 10,000 plants around the world. Still, if you know someone who hasn’t yet gotten the word on what web handling is and why they need to know about it, the following links should help.

In short, web handling issues such as path control, wrinkling, winding and many others are usually in the top three causes of waste, delay and customer complaints in most plants. Now is the time to put in your request for training for your co-workers who may be struggling with problems such as these. My award-winning and trademarked Web101 class has been taken by more than 5,000 students. You can take this course online or at a public venue, such as through AIMCAL’s Converting School, as well as in your own plant. 

Web201.61aYouTube clip link:

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