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Web projects – Energy management


By Dr. David R. Roisum 
NASA is acutely aware of fuel and energy.  After all, only a tiny fraction of a rocket’s mass is the payload. The rest is fuel. There are low-energy paths that may take more than a decade for a spacecraft to reach an outer planet. If they try to speed that up even a little bit, the brutal laws of physics will require a much larger fuel-to-payload ratio.

What has this to do with project management? First, we only have so much time and energy (and money) for any particular project. Slow and steady is usually the lowest energy, most efficient path. If you or management want to speed things up, it will cost more energy and more money.

Second is the concept of course corrections. The sooner you can detect a deviation from the desired path and make a correction, the less costly the fuel penalty will be. Yes, it is possible to too over-correct and also lose precious energy, but this is quite rare in spacecraft and web projects alike.

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