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Summit Plastics opts for BioLogiQ PE resins for more sustainable bags, films

MS-based Summit Plastics, announced today that the company has started using BioLogiQ, Inc.’s line of BioBlendÒ XP and XD Resins to produce a variety of more sustainable, polyethylene based products such as trash can liners, courier bags, shrink film for boats, retail bags, industrial films, and single wound sheeting.
For reference, these blended resins start with BioLogiQ’s groundbreaking NuPlastiQÒ BioPolymer, which is made from natural, renewable resources (plants), and contains100% USDA Certified Biobased Content. When NuPlastiQ is combined with traditional polyolefins, the resulting BioBlend XP and XD Resins reduce fossil fuel-based plastic usage and greenhouse gas generation. XP Resins are used primarily to produce PE-based films, while XD Resins are used primarily to produce HDPE-based injection and blow molded parts and packaging.
According to Mr. Nathanson, “We are very impressed with the reduction of fossil fuel-based resins and greenhouse gas generation that occurs when NuPlastiQ is added to traditional LLDPE and LDPE polyethylene. We’ve also seen instances where the NuPlastiQ actually strengthens the polyethylene, allowing us to downgauge and thus use even less total plastic in our films and finished products. We’ve also had no problem recycling the BioBLend XP scrap and regrind that are part of our normal operating procedures.”
Dale Brockman, Vice President, Sales for BioLogiQ, added that, “We are extremely impressed with Summit’s overall business capabilities, rapid growth, customer commitment, and focus on enhanced sustainability. This is an ideal relationship for both of us, and we’re very proud to include Summit as a first-tier customer.”

About Summit Plastics
Established in 1994 and located in Summit, MS, Summit Plastics ( has become a major provider of a large variety of custom polyethylene films. With an annual capacity in excess of 40 million pounds, and further film line expansion under construction, the company can handle the needs of customers both large and small.

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