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Simple drives

By Clarence Klassen  
​Several times this year I have heard people speaking of the advantages of simple drives. Who wouldn’t be in favor of a simple drive? 

By simple, OEM managers expect a low-cost drive that does the job. 

By simple, maintenance and service personnel want a drive that is easy to replace, set 5 or 10 parameters different from the defaults, perform an auto-tune and be back in service. No cables or laptop computer required. The drive can be programmed from the keypad. No complicated communications networks. 

By complex, OEM managers resent expensive, complicated software, incompatible firmware revisions, and drive hardware. The promise is improved productivity. Hopefully, increased productivity is achieved. 

Maintenance and service personnel don’t have 8 hours to get the right cables, software, and update the firmware in the new replacement drive. These people want to know if literally thousands of parameters must be entered.

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