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Midwest Engineered Systems increases productivity for Channeled Resources Group with cutting-edge Silicone Coating Line

When Chicago- based Channeled Resources Group (CRG) turned to Midwest Engineered Systems (MWES) with the need to explore a more dynamic and consolidated version of its existing silicone-coating process at the Marathon City, WI, facility, MWES delivered a new system that increased production capacity and overall cost-effectiveness.

CRG’s process had a number of challenges that made their existing equipment unable to keep up with production demands. Because MWES prides itself with taking on complex web-handling projects, this task was no different. “This equipment offers CRG next-level capability that has the ability to scale along with their business growth,” says Steve Bougie, VP-Web Handling, “We achieved the solution by listening to CRG’s needs and providing equipment and systems that offer growth capabilities for now and into the future.” 
MWES delivered a 65-in.-wide coating and printing line solution that addressed CRG’s needs while creating the opportunity to increase production by 30%. A new three-roll offset coater makes the coatweight control process much more precise, allowing for better coating coverage with less material. The coater rubber-covered sleeve system for the Transfer Roll provides for shorter changeover times. An in-line printing system saves CRG from having to run a second pass on a separate printing line. The floatation drying system allows process speeds of up to 1,000 fpm. Shaftless floor pickup-style unwind and rewind make roll changing efficient and safe. Shafts are used on the rewind when the in-line slitter is utilized. Overall cost-effectiveness was achieved through the shaftless unwind which allows for different types of material at a larger roll size.
Read more about this Silicone Coating Line project at or contact Steve Bougie us at 414-688-7784 or to to learn more about MWES’ web-handling and converting capabilities. 
MWES is an innovator and leader in web-handling and converting equipment and systems, providing custom  solutions for over 28 years. From small stand-alone systems to large-scale turnkey production lines, MWES designs, builds and services manufacturing solutions for our customers’ specialized needs. MWES’s diverse industry base includes some of the largest web-handling and converting companies not only in the USA, but across the globe. MWES’s extensive industry experience, broad range of product knowledge, and customer-focused approach has made us a leading solutions supplier with a solid reputation for quality, service, and value.

Read more: Midwest Engineered Systems increases productivity for Channeled Resources Group with cutting-edge Silicone Coating Line

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