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FINAT Technical Seminar 2020: “Turning technology into value in the label & packaging industry” set for March 4-6


On the docket for March 4-6 at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona Fira Center, the 2020 FINAT Technical Seminar promises to provide participants a deeper understanding into various aspects of label-converting technologies along the value chain. 

Spread over a day and a half, two plenary and two parallel sessions, 23 expert speakers will share their expertise on an array of topics. All designed to give an update on the latest status of legislation, materials science, converting technology and innovation. 

A large part of the meeting will be dedicated to the future of self-adhesive labelling. What impact will EU legislation and the Circular Economy have on the way self-adhesive labels are produced? What critical issues does the label industry face around food contact regulations, sustainability and recycling? How can we, as an industry, work together to proactively provide solutions to handle release liner or matrix by-products, and provide guidance on best practices in areas like UV curing for food packaging? 

For those production or technical managers who have seen that digitalisation is continuously changing the way self-adhesive labels are produced, the session on “Technology and Business” may be an eye-catcher. Performances, pros and cons of the various printing technologies will be explained in detail and compared with each other. Furthermore, a wider scenario of business models and related ROI programmes will give an insight into the economic consequences of certain technologies. 

“Learning never exhausts the mind,” according to Leonardo da Vinci. This very idea should only prove an incentive to register for the event and create value for converters. 

Registration is open until Feb. 14. FINAT members pay € 675, nonmembers € 850.

More info and to register: technical-seminar-2020

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