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BOBST opens new Flexo Center of Excellence


BOBST hosted an Open House at its new Flexo Center of Excellence at Bobst Bielefeld today, giving attendees the opportunity to experience the entire flexo process from start to finish.

The Competence Center at Bobst Bielefeld has been extended to include a prepress room, meaning it is now a fully comprehensive Center of Excellence for the flexo process, specifically for Extended Color Gamut (ECG) for wide-web, CI-flexo presses. The Center benefits from an “open-partnership” system, meaning all of BOBST’s valued industry partners are present, ensuring the integration of all the elements that combine to make a flawless end-to-end process. 

“Bobst Bielefeld is now the ultimate Center of Excellence,” says Mark McInulty, MD-Bobst Bielefeld. “It provides an invaluable central facility for testing and continuous development of the ECG process for BOBST and industry suppliers in our open-partnership system. The Center helps our CI-flexo printing customers to maximize the advantages derived from the implementation of the ECG process to the fullest.” 

The use of ECG is growing steadily. The process uses three additional ink colors – orange, green and violet (OGV) – on top of the conventional colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK), enabling a match with 90%+ of the Pantone book, compared with approximately 60% previously. For a converter, its adoption means many sizable economies of time and cost: no more changes of inks and resulting washing of print decks, no need for a huge ink inventory for storing spot inks, no time wasted in ink mixing and a guarantee of color consistency for jobs that are run a long time apart or in different parts of the world.   

BOBST equipment shown at the Open House included:

  • VISION CI: launched in October 2019, it offers the best in class performance value. Fast and easy to setup and change over, it features technical innovations, automation and exclusive smart technologies that ensure repeatable process consistency with water or solvent-based ink printing, minimum waste and easy manufacturing for all run lengths, on a wide range of substrates.
  • EXPERT CI: a CI-flexo press with innovative features helping to maximize CI flexo process consistency, making it a perfect fit for the requirements of the 7-color ECG printing process. The press delivers stable and controlled printing results and exceptional productivity with both solvent- and water-based inks. Attendees were able to see the EXPERT CI print sustainable flexible pouches made from new high-barrier, monomaterial laminates, which were first shown at K 2019.
  • The Digital Inspection Table: a novel quality control technology that incorporates digital projection for proofing purposes, whilst providing real-time visual representations to match product with digital proofs.
  • E-services: world-class machines deserve world-class services. Attendees saw some of the solutions from the BOBST Services team, which help printers to optimize productivity and quality, while reducing downtime and environmental impact.

Partnerships for the perfect process
Open House visitors experienced the entire flexo process from file to the printed roll by talking to the various BOBST partners at different stations about different topics, starting from the prepress facility that houses latest generation equipment shown live at the event. Other partners illustrated their technologies and knowledge within the framework of the harmonization of all the elements that unite to achieve the best and most-efficient results with ECG printing.

Presentations were followed by print demonstrations on the VISION CI and on the EXPERT CI flexo presses equipped with all the latest technologies presented by the partners in the ECG open partnership project. Quality control of the print samples was made on the Digital Inspection table, while E-services were demonstrated live in the Bobst Bielefeld dedicated Training Center facility.  

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