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AR Metallizing to install world’s first dedicated system for Production of sustainable barrier paper


AR Metallizing has purchased a BOBST EXPERT K5 2,450-mm vacuum metallizer for the production of barrier paper, which will be installed in its Franklin (TN) plant later this year. 

The purchase follows a three year collaboration between AR Metallizing, BOBST and Michelman. As the world’s leading paper converter, AR Metallizing is dedicated to researching and developing barrier paper solutions. This collaboration brings together their expertise with BOBST’s unique barrier solutions and Michelman’s water based barrier lacquers to create solutions in response to the current demand in the market for more sustainable packaging materials. 
EXPERT K5 Designed Around Paper Processing 
The EXPERT K5 purchased by AR Metallizing is a multi-function machine with special features designed around paper processing. Designed to run at high speed with a high rate source, the machine incorporates a speed pressure control which maximises output efficiency on paper whilst maintaining product quality; this feature which is unique to BOBST was developed in conjunction with AR Metallizing. 

The machine has been prepared to run two BOBST processes already well-established in the film market which have also been shown to improve the properties of paper. The BOBST AluBond® process when used during the production of metallized paper gives an improved barrier performance against water and oxygen giving better protection to the contents of the packaging. Whilst the AlOx process applies a transparent inorganic barrier layer to the paper substrate which makes the recycling process easier. 

Commenting on the purchase and collaboration, Bart Devos, CEO of AR Metallizing said “We have been working with BOBST for a few years to develop barrier paper solutions and so are well aware of their expertise and process knowledge in this area. The EXPERT K5 has a variety of features which make it perfect for processing paper and will enable us to produce paper with a higher barrier to meet our customers’ requirements. AR Metallizing now have a team of 11 in the R&D department who are solely concentrating on barrier paper in terms of metallization, wet coating and paper optimization showing our commitment to this market ” 

Established in the 70’s, AR Metallizing is the leading, global manufacturer of metallized packaging and labelling solutions. With production bases in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy and USA, the company provides products to approximately 300 printing companies and converters all over the world.

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