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2020 TLMI Annual Meeting to shift to online virtual event


After months of deliberation, the TLMI Board of Directors has elected to shift the trade group’s 2020 Annual Meeting to an online virtual event. 

​”TLMI did everything possible to try and create a safe environment for our members to enjoy the industry’s premier in-person meeting, however unfortunately this is not going to be possible in the current climate,” TLMI said in an email to its membership.
“We are now working diligently to create an online event that will provide real value to attendees and allow us to celebrate the best of the tag and label industry’s work and camaraderie. Details will be shared over the course of the next month, and we hope our member companies will take advantage of this unique situation and that greater numbers of companies’ personnel will have access to and participate in the virtual forum.”
The 2020 TLMI Annual Print Awards and the Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Awards will continue as scheduled.

“We believe it is more important than ever for TLMI to recognize our members and their achievements. These are certainly challenging times, and TLMI remains singularly focused on creating the tools and resources that our members need,” the email said.

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