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Dave’s Favorite Defects

By Dr. David R. Roisum  
I am super-excited to begin a new mini-series called Dave’s Favorite Defects. To make this list requires only two criteria. The first is that the defect is common. Most defects that cross material boundaries would qualify. By that I mean that you could find a particular defect on paper and film, or film and foil, or nonwovens and tissue.  

There are many defects that easily cross material boundaries. However, we will also cover a few bonus defects that would be found mostly on one material type, such as just on paper, or just on film, but which are a plague for those materials.

The second criteria is that the mechanics and thus remedies are well enough understood and are documented somewhere. By mechanics I mean we know what physics operate to generate the defect and what parameters the defect is sensitive to.

Documentation is important for this series. At the end of each clip, we can point to the best sources that give more detail so we don’t have to repeat those details here.

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