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Adhesives Research enters 10th year release-liner sales


Release-liner manufacturing is nothing new to Adhesives Research. The company has 40+ years of experience manufacturing the coating of silicone release liners and for the last 10 years has sold directly to customers, helping them increase yield and profitability.  
Today, Adhesives Research offers a broad line of polyester-based release films. Adhesives Research manufactures fluorosilicone and silicone release films primarily for high-value materials used in medical and electronics applications, where demanding performance and cleanliness requirements matter most.
The Adhesives Research manufacturing process ensures release-force consistency within a master roll and from run-to-run, eliminating adhesive confusion when two liners are used. Additionally, Adhesive Research release technology allows practically no silicone transfer to the accompanying adhesive or the liner’s backside, avoiding silicone contamination that could lead to lower adhesive strength or poor print anchorage.
According to Doug Goldstein, product mgr.-Release Liners, customers use Adhesives Research release liners primarily in demanding product applications such as medical diagnostic devices and computer hard disk drives. These environments require that external contamination and extractable silicones be kept at levels next to zero. For end-product customers and converters, this enables higher yields when coating, laminating, and diecutting. This results in lower product failure rates, saving our customers an average of 10% on waste, and thus increasing profit margins.
Adhesives Research release-film unwind, coating, and rewind stations operate within a Class 10,000 cleanroom.  With up to 58-in. master roll widths, Adhesive Research also offers cleanroom slitting down to ¾-in. narrow rolls with matching clean packaging.  
Adhesives Research experts can match virtually any adhesive type with the appropriate silicone releases. Sample rolls are available for initial testing. 

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